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Milling Cutters

Guhring is somewhat unique amongst carbide end mill manufacturers in that Guhring produces its own carbide rod, which is the substrate material for all Guhring carbide end mills. This ability to control the quality and supply of carbide rod gives Guhring carbide end mills longer and more repeatable tool life and performance.

Guhring was also one of the first manufacturers to offer a variable helix end mill design and now has one of the largest standard offerings in the industry. Guhring FIREX®, Super-A™, nano-FIREX® and nano-TiAlN coated end mills are finished in Guhring own PVD coating chambers for consistent quality and Guhring also offers in-house regrind and carbide end mill modifications.

Guhring Australia

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Oakleigh South VIC 3167

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