ICE Coating

The ICE coating provides the best solution for applications requiring high toughness and high temperature resistance, such as MQL or dry machining. The ICE coating is recommended when cutting difficult-to-machine materials such as MMC, GGV, high carbon steels and titanium alloys as well as for machining hard materials (>52 HRC). The extreme machining conditions are made possible due to the high coating hardness as well as the optimized oxidation stability.

The layer effectively forms a thermal barrier over the coated tool, so that the heat generated during machining is dissipated almost completely by the evacuated chips.The high Chromium content provides excellent adhesion strength and the nano-layered coating structure with Titanium Aluminium Nitride (TiAlN) gives the coating added toughness and hardness. The superior adhesion of ICE coating makes it the perfect coating for punch and form tool applications.

Colour Metallic silver
Coating process Physical Vapour Deposition
Layer structure Nanolayer
Thickness [µm] 2.0 - 4.0
Hardness [HV 5g] 3500
Friction coefficient 0.6
Deposition temp. [°C] 400 - 500 °C
Maximum operating temperature [°C] 1000 °C
Applications High Performance
Workpiece materials Hardened steels Cast irons, AISi and Titanium alloys

Ice CoatingIce Coating


Twist drills: Cu-alloys
Threading tools: Al wrought alloys, Cu-alloys
Milling cutters: Cu-alloys
Reamers: Cu-alloys